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Heat Pumps – Plan it for the planet

by | 14th December 2021

Sustainability and climate change are high on the agenda and there has also been a lot of talk about gas boilers needing to be scrapped. With heat pumps as the preferred alternative, this has led to a huge increase in calls enquiring about the technology.

At Blue flame we have been installing Heat Pumps under the MCS and maintaining them for the last 11 years.

But, should you worry about getting rid of your gas boiler right now?  Well, no.

Over the next 14 years UK households are gradually going to move away from fossil fuel boilers in an affordable, practical and fair way. This will give you the chance to make a green choice such as when you need to replace an old gas boiler.

You have time to make the right decision.

The government is launching a voucher scheme April 2022 to help people who want to make the change sooner.

There are 3 vouchers:

  • £5,000 for an air source heat pump (ASHP).
  • £5,000 for a biomass boiler,
  • £6,000 for a ground source heat pump (GSHP).

But there are restrictions. The vouchers will not cover:

– new builds (unless it a custom self-build),
-social housing (there will be a separate scheme available),
-fossil fuel hybrid systems (such as ASHP and gas)

There’s also some other areas to consider:

-Do you have space for a cylinder in your home?
-Is there a suitable outdoor space for the heat pump unit?
-What are you currently paying for Gas and Electric (per Kwh)?
-How well is your property insulated, can it be improved?

It’s also worth taking into account that new gas boilers can come with a warranty that can last for up to 12 years so if you install a new one now, you would still have 2 years after the warranty has expired to plan for installing an eco alternative.

We are more than happy to talk to you if you’re ready to start thinking about installing a heat pump.

But you do have time to plan it for the planet!

Chris Hughes
Blue Flame Renewable Project Manager.