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Oil Fired Heating: Is now the best time for a new boiler?

by | 20th July 2020

Many of us in Cornwall live in areas that are not supplied with natural gas and therefore we look for alternative fuels to heat our homes. Oil heating is a popular choice for these types of properties.

If you use oil in your home, you will know that at times this can be a costly purchase. Over previous years, heating oil prices (dictated by the cost of crude oil) have been on the rise. However, in April, oil prices plummeted to one of the lowest prices seen in many years, around 36p per litre. As I am sure you have guessed, this is due to the ongoing Coronavirus pandemic.
As the price per litre is already starting to creep upwards, we have put together some top tips to ensure you get the best return of investment for your oil purchase!

1. Shop around and buy when it is cheaper

As obvious as it sounds, purchase your oil when it is at it is cheapest! As we explained prices are low currently so why not fill up! Otherwise, oil prices tend to be lower in the summer months which is also another good time to purchase. You may not have used as much during these months but by stocking up, you are ready for when the winter months come and can avoid more costly tank re-fills.

2. Ensure your Tank is protected

Oil storage tanks need protection from leaks and protection from oil theft!

Tanks should be inspected regularly by an OFTEC registered engineer to ensure they are safe and fit for purpose. Tanks need to be positioned correctly, safely and be free from damage such as cracks, weaknesses, or damage from exposure to the elements such as sun bleaching. This is to ensure there is no risk of oil leaks and environmental contamination.

It is also wise to consider the protection of your heating oil itself. Oil theft in rural communities can be a common problem. Devices that allow your tank and to be locked can make theft much more difficult and can also act as deterrents. There are also devices available so you can monitor the level of oil in your tank. These notify you when your oil is getting below a certain level and can even automatically notify your supplier you require another delivery in some cases!

3. Keep your Oil Boiler maintained

Keeping your boiler regularly maintained can help prolong its life and ensure it is working safely. Boilers that are not working correctly, will not be burning our oil efficiently and will likely be using more fuel. Over the heavy use winter period this could be costly on your fuel bills! Most importantly, regular maintenance of the appliance will highlight any safety concerns with the components. Incorrect combustion within the boiler could lead to carbon monoxide leaking, which can be extremely dangerous. Having an annual service, carried out by an OFTEC registered engineer, can help to greatly minimise these risks. Plans include an annual service as well as 24-hour call-out cover for any emergencies.

Find out more about our Oil Heating Service Plans here: Servicing and Cover

4. Replacing your old inefficient Oil Boiler

There may come a time when your old oil boiler is no longer economically viable to keep using. Your oil costs may be on the rise or repairs becoming more regular and more expensive. Our team can help you with replacing your product.

Boilers both Gas and Oil, are rated on their energy efficiency. This goes from A-G with A being the most efficient boilers and G the lowest efficiency boilers. In a typical semi-detached property, the Energy Saving Trust estimate you could save around £245.00 per year in fuel costs by replacing a G-rated oil boiler with an A-rated oil boiler* Although there is the initial cost of the installation to consider, the savings on fuel costs, repairs of old inefficient models and extended manufacturer warranties can help in offsetting these costs.

Worcester Bosch is one of the market leaders in gas and oil boilers. Their range of oil boilers offers A-rated efficiency, interior and exterior models, easy to use controls as well as some of the highest technical specification on the market.

As Worcester approved installers, we can offer up to 8 years warranty on new oil boiler installations. For added peace of mind, we also offer discounted annual service plans for these new boilers. As a Blue Flame installation customer, you will receive the first year of cover completely free of charge and then heavily discounted (nearly half the cost!) for the remaining years of the warranty. These plans include your annual service, 24 hours call-out cover and inclusive parts and labour. A fully comprehensive package so you know you are covered. Our OFTEC registered team can help you from start to finish with your new boiler, oil tank and installation.

To book a free, no-obligation survey, contact us on 01326 378122 or head over to our contact us page!


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