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EICR’s in Private Rented Properties: Changes in Legislation

by | 1st July 2020

In June 2020, the government introduced new legislation in England regarding the testing and inspection of Electrical Installations in private rental properties.

The introduction of this legislation means than from 1st July 2020:

  • Electrical Installations in rented properties must be inspected and tested – an ‘Electrical Installation Condition Report (EICR) – before the start of a new tenancy.
  • Properties with on-going tenancies must have this report carried out by 1st April 2021

What is an EICR and what does it test?

The Electrical Installation Condition Report tests the electrical installation throughout the property to ensure it is working correctly, safely, and most importantly that it is not going to cause a risk to person or property.
This installation includes all the fixed electrical equipment in the property supplied by the electrical meter.

For example:
– the electrical cables within the walls of the property,
– light switches and fittings,
– sockets,
– the consumer unit or fuse board.

The inspection will usually take 3-4 hours but this is dependant on the size of the property.

The report does not test individual electrical appliances such as fridges, washing machines or kettles. The report tests the installation in accordance with the ’18th Edition of the Wiring Regulations’ or as otherwise known British Standard 7671.
The EICR must be carried out every 5 years.

What if the report finds a fault or problems?

Remedial work to your property may be required if any issues are found within the electrical installation.
The EICR will detail these issues and the electrician will advise you of what needs to be done to rectify these. These remedial works must be completed within 28 days in order to be compliant. Local Authorities can issue fines of up to £30,000 to landlords who do not comply with these new regulations. They can also arrange for these remedial works to be carried out by an approved contractor and re-charge the landlord, alongside a fine.

Who can carry out an EICR?

An electrician with the relevant inspection and testing qualifications and who is deemed competent can carry out an EICR. Electricians must also be registered with a professional governing body – NICEIC.

What does this mean to me, the Landlord?

A landlord has a legal duty of care to ensure their property is safe for their tenants and therefore it is your responsibility to ensure the EICR is completed along with any remedial works required. It also is important you choose someone suitably qualified to carry out the works. You will also be required to issue a valid copy of the EICR to the tenant either prior to tenancy or once it has been carried out.
For owners of properties such as HMO’s (Houses of Multiple Occupancy) or blocks of flats, the responsibility lies with you to ensure the communal areas are also safe as well as each individual dwelling. Communal areas such as entrance halls, corridors, laundry rooms and basements will also need to be included on the EICR and deemed safe to be compliant.

What does this mean to me the Tenant?

If you are already within a tenancy agreement and your property does not have a valid EICR, your landlord will need to ensure this is carried out before 1st April 2021. You will need to allow the electrician access to your property to carry this out. The visit takes 3-4 hours and the electrician will need access to every room in the property as well as the main fuse board. By ensuring there is clear access to sockets, switches and the consumer unit/fuse board will help make the inspection more efficient.
Don’t forget to make sure you have a copy of the valid EICR from your landlord.

What can WE DO?

Our in-house Electrical Team are qualified and competent to carry out these reports and our electrical supervisors are suitably qualified to sign off the remedial works once they have been completed. Blue Flame are registered with the NICEIC and the Competent Person Scheme enabling us to carry out remedial works on behalf of the Local Authorities

We can help you manage your EICR report every 5 Years by sending you reminders of when it is due. We can arrange for prompt appointments to complete any remedial works so you can rest assured these will be completed within 28 days, keeping you compliant. We are happy to liaise directly with you, your letting agent or your tenants for access to carry out both the inspection and any further works.

Please contact us for a price for your EICR. If any remedial works are required to bring your electrical installation to the required standard, these will be charged additionally. Our Electrical team will provide you with a quote for these works before going ahead. Once these are complete, we will provide the minor works certificate and completed EICR.

Useful Links and Information:

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Please contact our friendly team on 01326 378122 for any more information and to book your EICR inspection.

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