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Parkwood Leisure / Penzance Leisure Centre

by | 14th December 2016

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Swimming to the bottom of a cold water storage tank, working on above head height heaters, overcoming a flooding issue and discovering a fault that saved 10,000cm3 of gas are just small examples of the work undertaken. We’ve built a long-term partnership with Penzance Leisure Centre to help the organisation save money, reduce energy consumption, achieve compliance and reduce financial risk profiles.

The Client

Penzance Leisure Centre managed by Parkwood Leisure: one of Cornwall’s leading leisure centres, which has six 400kW Hamworthy modules generating 2.1 megawatts of heat.

What We Deliver – Reassurance

We work with clients to help them save money, save energy and comply with statutory, and building-specific issues to reduce financial risk profiles. We also provide reassurance of attendance meaning that we will be there on the same day and respond to emergencies, even “out of hours”.

We Do

  • Annual compliance and services
  • Mechanical repairs relating to plant room
  • Plumbing repairs
  • Provide advice on electrical alterations
  • Emergency breakdown work
  • Overhead, high level heater maintenance
  • Provide advice on alterations to the building management system (BMS)

Added Value

We spotted a fault on the BMS system which, when fixed, helped to reduce gas consumption by 10,000m3 in November and December 2015 (compared to the same period in 2014). The change also reduced wear and strain on the mechanical items in the plant room. Previously the BMS had been set to 100% and did not sequence the boilers, resulting in high gas consumption. We arranged for an out of production BMS controller to be made, specifically for the client, negating the significant cost of having to rewire and reconfigure the BMS system.

Now only one boiler out of six runs if the water temperature in the system is at the desired level, meaning that the centre saved 10,000m3 in the two months after the project was completed. We solved a flooding issue in the plant room by applying our wealth of product knowledge and installing new equipment. We increased the systems expansion potential by 50% when we first took the contract on. Following an initial consultation visit, we discovered that the systems expansion needs had not been designed correctly. We rerouted the pressure relief pipework to an industry approved terminal position to negate water ingress to the electrical control panels. We overcame water pressure booster pump issues by swimming to the bottom of a cold water storage tank to check the valves were clear. Diving in 9*C water was not a pleasant exercise, but a necessary one, as the issue meant there was no hot, or cold water, in the building, which resulted in a temporary closure.

“Emergency call-outs are rare due to Blue Flame’s level of servicing. When needed their response is fast, efficient and of a high standard”
Steven Cambridge, Maintenance Manager at Penzance Leisure Centre

The Blue Flame Team
Senior technician, Grant Doe, and the commercial team.