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Mr and Mrs Wheeler – Private Landlords

by | 9th February 2017

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How we installed a commercial gas supply to allow a landlord to upgrade a tenants’ boiler system to take advantage of higher efficiency and extended warranties.

The Client

Mrs Mr and Mrs Wheeler’s property is divided into 16 flats of various sizes, some with independent gas boilers and others running on a communal heating system.

In order to upgrade to more efficient boilers with extended warranties, we worked with Wales and West to install a new commercial gas supply and a 42kw Worcester communal system.

“Being on a service plan with Blue Flame gives us peace of mind, knowing that we can make one call and any breakdowns are sorted on that day.”
Yvonne Wheeler, Landlady

We Do Deliver

  • Peace of mind
  • Landlord compliance and tenant safety
  • Reports (CP12)
  • Heat and hot water for happy tenants
  • Discounted multi-contract support
  • Contact with the tenants to save the landlords valuable time
  • Reminders of when annual services and safety inspections are due

With 16 flats in one property, Mr and Mrs Wheeler wanted to ensure that their tenants could benefit from more efficient boilers and heating systems.

After working with Wales and West to install a new commercial gas supply, we carried out a programme of work to install new boilers with higher efficiency and extended warranties.

“The monthly payment plan means there are continuity and no surprise bills. The team, especially Ian, know our system and our building’s quirks.”
Yvonne Wheeler, Landlady

We Do

  • Bespoke system design and specification
  • Removal of existing system
  • Installation of new systems
  • Installations and extended warranties
  • Annual servicing
  • Enjoy the cake Mrs Wheeler makes for our visits

Added Value

We Do peace of mind with annual servicing and landlord safety reports (CP12), while we also liaise directly with the tenants to make appointments, saving Mr and Mrs Wheeler time. As Worcester approved installers and service providers, we are also able to offer extended warranties of up to 10 years, as well as carrying out annual services to maintain the warranties.

The Blue Flame team
Duncan Impey, Ian Davidson, Ryan James, Vaughan Williams, Duncan Hendry and Poppy Gould amongst others.